When the 'F' type was made it was normal for car manufacturers to farm out bodywork production to specialist coachbuilders such as Carbodies - who built most of the MG bodies at the time. Cecil Kimber had, after all, created the first MGs by fitting sportier bodywork to Morris cars. Many other marques started out in the same way, such as Jaguar who grew from Bill Lyons' Swallow company building sidecars for motorcycles.


The much-hyped S.S.1 coupé might have been a serious challenger to the 'F' type Salonette at the 1931 Olympia Show. But if it had been anything like the artist's fantasy in the advertisements, it would have been 8 metres long!
Alas, the real thing turned out to be a disappointment - even to Bill Lyons! He said it looked like a 'conning tower' behind the bonnet...
Unlike the 'F' type (and the later SS100 'Jaguar') it was a commercial flop.
It was basically a Swallow-built body on a Standard chassis and, ironically, exhibited in the Coachwork section next to their far better looking version of the Wolseley Hornet Special!
It is not certain whether Swallow built bodywork on any 'F' type chassis, but several other specialist Coachbuilders certainly did. (see Others)

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