'F3' Magnas were built alongside the 'F2' two-seaters at the end of the production run in
1932. They shared the mechanical improvements of the 'F2' (e.g. the 12" brakes and
the extra cooling pipe from the radiator) but not the 2-seater body.
It is possible that the 'J1' version of the Tourer body was fitted to some examples as the
supply of 'D' type ones ran out, and some 'F1's were upgraded to 'F3' specification
retrospectively. F1467 became an 'L' type prototype and the first production 'L' types
may also have been converted 'F3's. Some survivors have been rebuilt as 'F2' replicas.
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F1344 F1374 F1376 F1382 F1389 F1396
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F1414 F1422 F1423 F1425 F1426 F1464
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F1467/L0252 F1475 F1484 F1485 F1488 F1500
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