The Wolseley 'Hornet' was closely related to the original 'Minor' - Morris's answer to the little Austin 7. The 'Minor' used a four cylinder version of an engine designed by Wolseley shortly before being taken over by Morris. The 'Hornet' employed the 6-cylinder version of the engine in a lengthened chassis and was quite a popular car.
Just as the 'M' type was a sportier version of the Minor, the 'F' type Magna used a modified version of the 'Hornet' engine but in a much improved chassis developed from the 'C' type and record-breaking cars.
A modified 'Special' version of the Wolseley Hornet was available with bodywork from specialist coachbuilders but, although it enjoyed some competition success, the chassis was not as good as that of the MG.
The Hornet was still a success, and 'F' type owners would later be thankful as early 1271cc engined cars would be a source of spares.
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