The renowned 'K3' racer was a direct development of the 'F' type when it
became clear that, even with a supercharger, more power was needed to
compete in races such as the Mille Miglia.
The factory had fitted wider axles to the 'F' type prototype EX129, and the
production 'K3's also used the wheelbase of the 'F' type, but the smaller
capacity 'K' type engine was more powerful with its cross-flow head and
other lessons learnt with the 'C' type racer.
The 'K3's success is well documented elsewhere but it is interesting to
note that Eyston's record-breaking EX135 - perhaps the most famous of
all 'K3's - was called the 'Magic Magna' when announced in the press!
Richard Seaman and Prince Bira both graduated from 'F' type to 'K3'
ownership in their ascendance as racing drivers.
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