F0272 F1 Has not survived -
F0275 F1 Replica Jarvis-style 2-seater U.S.A.
F0276 F1 Not known - registered MG1388 Has it survived?
F0279 F1 Not known - registered MG1338 Has it survived?
F0303 F1 Lightweight 'racing' style Australia
F0316 F1 Salonette (2 side spares) England
F0319 F1 Replica F2-style 2-seater England
F0322 F1 Replica F2-style 2-seater England
F0324 F1 Not known - registered MG1406 Has it survived?
F0340 F1 Salonette England
F0371 F1 Not known - registered MG1403 Has it survived?
F0397 F1 Undergoing restoration England
F0403 F1 Not known - registered MG1408 Has it survived?
F0405 F1 'Decapitated' Salonette England
F0409 F1 Chassis amalgamated with F0714 Germany
F0412 F1 Not known - registered MG1402 Has it survived?
F0413 F1 Not known - registered MG1441 Has it survived?
F0453 F1 Modified 4-seater Tourer Germany
F0507 F1 Not known - registered MG1451 Has it survived?
F0509 F1 Not known - registered MG1432 Has it survived?
F0516 F1 Not known - registered MG1412 Has it survived?
F0542 F1 Replica Stiles 3-seater England
F0564 F1 Salonette (2 side spares) Has it survived?
F0572 F1 Unknown - possibly 2-seater sports England
F0600 F1 Being rebuilt as 2-seater England
F0610 F1 Unrestored Salonette? England
F0625 F1 Salonette Denmark
F0628 F1 Salonette Japan
F0632 F1 Not known - registered MG1469 Has it survived?
F0637 F1 Being restored as Salonette England
F0683 F1 Being restored as Salonette England
F0684 F1 Replica F2-style 2-seater Switzerland
F0692 F1 Not known - registered MG1503 Has it survived?
F0707 F1 Replica F2-style 2-seater England
F0726 F1 Salonette England
F0732 F1 Replica Stiles 3-seater Canada
F0736 F1 4-seater Tourer England
F0744 F1 4-seater Tourer France?
F0753 F1 Replica F2-style 2-seater England
F0765 F1 Replica F2-style 2-seater England
F0788 F1 Salonette Has it survived?
F0842 F1 Not known - registered MG1582 Has it survived?
F0858 F1 Not known - registered MG1544 Has it survived?
F0879 F1 Not known - registered MG1551 Has it survived?
F0955 F1 Replica F2-style 2-seater Netherlands
F0980 F1 4-seater Tourer Netherlands
F1104 F1 4-seater Tourer Japan
F1177 F1 Replica F2-style 2-seater England
F1219 F1 Salonette Netherlands
F1318 F1 Not known - registered MG1789 Has it survived?
F1347 F1 Chassis only England
F1382 F3 Replica F2-style 2-seater England
F1464 F3 2-seater sports special England
F1475 F3 Salonette Sweden
F1485 F3 Being rebuilt as replica F2 England

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