Quite a few 'F' type Magnas have been on display in museums around the World
over the years and in private collections. If you can supply details and/or photos
of particular cars and where they can be viewed please let us know. See CONTACTS
photo photo photo F1359 Auto World Museum, Ahmedabad,
India with unusual (possibly locally built)
photo photo photo F1500 the last 'F3' built and fitted unique
Carbodies drophead coupé body now in
museum in U.S.A.
photo photo photo F0662 - U.M. Carlton coupé now rebuilt as
'F2' replica, was in the Motor Museum of
Western Australia, Midland (near Perth)
photo photo photo F1114 was in Pamplona Museum, Spain,
for many years.
photo photo photo F1199 was until rcently in the Mouldsworth
Motor Museum, U.K.
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