M.G. ROAD CARS: Volume Two -
Six-cylinder O.H.C. 1931 - 1936
by Malcolm Green

Probably the most constructively helpful
book for 'F' type owners - a companion
to the informative Four-cylinder volume.
This is as close as we are likely to get to
a book dedicated solely to 'F' types!
Rare photos, accurate details and sound
guidance on all aspects of running and
restoring etc...
We could only ask for more of the same!
by Mike Allison

A much reprinted background guide to
MG in general which, although it doesn't
set out to dwell on any one particular
model, at least acknowledged the
existence of the 'F' type and related it to
other models when other books barely
even mentioned it.
Several pages of period 'F' type photos -
excellently reproduced in the original
edition - less so in later versions.
thumb MG Gold Portfolio 1929 - 1939
Compiled by R. M. Clarke

A collection of quality reproductions of
contemporary advertisements and
magazine articles including the press
announcement of the 'F' type in
September 1931, a road test report of an
Abbey-bodied 'F' in 1932, an article on
the University Motors 'Carlton Coupé'
drophead coupé, two 'F' type ads. and
period background material that places
the 'F' type in its historical context.
© All material belongs to the originators & should not be reproduced