Where to put your left foot on long drives is a bit of a dilemma with F-types, particularly in the case of geriatrics like me with a fairly recent (and still troublesome) total knee replacement.
Ordinarily it is necessary to hold your left ankle back to avoid your foot contacting the clutch pedal, a rather tiresome exercise now compounded by my "gammy" leg!
I made myself a small footrest out of an offcut of suitably sized mild steel angle trimmed to fit in the channel between the clutch housing and the gearbox (where the gearbox number is stamped), with a lug to attach to the frontmost stud of the remote control assembly.
I cut off the horizontal leg of the angle at the edge of the gearbox and, to avoid interference with clutch pedal operation, the vertical leg can be left to stick out only an inch or so from the alignment of the gearbox casing.

photo To this I have mounted a small "pad" made out of of approx 10mm thick aluminium plate because only the left edge of your left foot is in contact with the "footrest".

Not ideal and it is true that there is a bit of "fiddling around" together with some trial and error, but it is quite straightforward and owners will no doubt work out a system which best suits them and the materials they have available.
    Barry Bahnish
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