Many of us now use shell bearings in our 'F's. So there is no choice - you have to put in a decent oil filter.
There are many ways to do this but you don't want too many extra oil pipes or something too obvious.
This is what you could do:-

Take the oil pump off and block the oil feed in the front housing.

Block this hole

Put the oil pump back and put an extension on the pump. This is the first one I made 12 years ago and you can screw on a modern oil filter. Since then there were many copies made in bronze and aluminium and they all work fine. All the oil goes now through the filter into an oil feed tube.
photo The oil feed needs to go into the main oil feed and you have to fabricate a special connection there.

The new oil feed you have to make
The oil feed union has to be modified to take the oil feed. photo

Don't start up the engine with a dry oil filter. Gravity feed the oil pump till you have oil pressure just on the starter motor and then reconnect the oil suction pipe to the sump.

Stefaan Vernyns
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