The 'F' type was introduced at the October 1931 Motor Show and production finished
a little over a year later. It seems some chassis were not delivered until 1933 but they
were possibly held at dealers. Total number approximately 1250 - see below:
Numbering commenced at F0251 - the number being associated
with the factory telephone number although that too may have some
arcane significance! The car was used as a show car and may not
have been sold to the public and does not appear to have survived.
Several chassis numbers were changed by the MG factory, including
F0946 and F1467 which were used as the prototypes for the 'L' type
(L0251 and L0252 respectively) and later sold to the public. F0946
was used for extensive testing.
The last official 'F' type was F1500 - a special one-off Canadian order
with swept wings and a slatted radiator surround - features to be seen
on later cars. However, it has been suggested that the first 30 'L' types
were actually converted from 'F' type chassis!
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