There are no experts on 'F' type prices so please don't ask us for a valuation!
At a time of economic uncertainty, many say old cars maintain their value and represent a relatively good investment.
It really comes down to how much people want the car and how much they are prepared to pay. Market values depend on condition, originality and a known history.
Genuine 'F2' 2-seaters are currently valued higher than Tourers because there were fewer made, but people still like cars that have been turned into 2-seater replicas. Maybe Tourers will soon be so rare that their value grows, and many like their unique looks when the 2-seaters just look like any other MG!
'F' types have been undervalued for not having the performance of later cars, but a Tourer has something distinctive about it and there's still the attraction of the six cylinder engine - which is smooth and has torque if not outright speed.
'F' types are gaining in appreciation and former owners have since regretted selling them!
The 'F type may never command huge prices, but an enthusiast doesn't care! As with anything else, you may have to pay more to get more. I would personally like to know the car has been cared for and maintained. It's not like buying a second-hand Mini and it really all comes down to what people think they can afford! IR
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