The 'J' type Midget was introduced in 1932 to replace the 'M' and 'D' types, and made alongside the 'F' type Magna. The 'J2' shared the two-seater 'sports' body of the 'F2', and the 'J1' was given slightly modified versions of the Tourer and Salonette bodies fitted to the 'F1' and 'F3'.
It inherited the lower chassis of the 'C' type racing car but not the ENV gearbox (except the 'J4' model), and gained the cross-flow head of the later 'C' types which produced more power - if not as much as publicity suggested - and perhaps too much for the crankshaft to take!
The 2-seater version later gained swept wings like the 'L' type and was also supplied in competition trim to special order with the smaller capacity engine of the later 'C' types plus a supercharger in the 'J3' model, and a lightweight body without doors in the 'J4' model.
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