The 'M' type, introduced in 1928, was the first 'Midget' and based on an existing Morris, as the first MGs had been. The 'Minor' was Morris's answer to the little Austin 7. Its Wolseley designed engine had to be detuned for Morris use. Cecil Kimber was quick to realise the potential
of this car and later MGs, like the 'F' type Magna, owe much to the 'M' type for opening up the post-Depression market for economy sports cars.
'Bespoke' bodies were available, e.g. from Jarvis, but the 'M' type was mainly supplied with a 2-seater boat-tailed body. Cloth-covered at first on the lightweight Weymann principle, these were later steel panelled. Some cars were given Coupé bodies similar to the 'F' type Salonette, but with a boot as on some of the larger MGs still being produced. It was phased out, like the 'D' type, when the 'J' type was introduced in 1932.
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